Music Director - Lon Gipe


Lon Gipe grew up in rural Pennsylvania, moving to the South Shore in September of 2010 for a career opportunity in healthcare. About a year into his relocation, he met MaryClaire, a loving Christian woman who invited him to attend services at Grace. MaryClaire and Lon were married in March of 2013 and reside in Pembroke. They aim to put Christ first in their marriage, and look forward to raising a family with the loving support of our Grace church.

Lon enjoys skiing, hiking, and of course - playing and writing music! As a child he took piano lessons, played horns and drums in marching and concert bands through school, and through college formed an original band. Lon is a self taught guitar and percussion player and enjoys diving into radio friendly praise music and ancient hymns. He can also be found performing at various South Shore establishments (where he especially enjoys covering artists such as Van Morrison and Paul Simon).

As the Music Director at Grace, Lon is looking forward to growing in his faith with his fellow brothers and sisters, advancing the music ministry, and working with a talented team of musicians.

You can contact Lon at